Kara Nightingale is the main protagonist in the Soul Guardians series.

Kara Nightingale
1369575176-kara power
Kara Nightingale
Vital statistics
Position CDD Member
Age 16 (Marked)

17 (Elemental)

Family Asmodeus (father)

Danielle DuBois (mother)

Lilith (half-sister)

Allies David (boyfriend)




Mr. Patterson



Enemies Al


The Netherworld (Demons)




Status Fiend-Angel
Physical attributes
Eye color Brown
Hair color Chestnut Brown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Marked Edit

Kara is a normal girl living a normal life, until the day she is pulled into the world of angels and demon when she faces an untimely death while running late to an art showcase. While talking to her friend Matt on the phone, she drops her phone in the street. In an attempt to reclaim it, she is hit by a bus, thus starting her adventure into the supernatural.

Elemental Edit

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Netherworld Edit

Seirs Edit

Mortal Edit

Reapers Edit

Seals Edit

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