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Enter Kara's world and come along with her as she saves souls, fights off demons, Seirs, Reapers, Archfiends, and meets all kinds of entities in a seemingly impossible battle of good versus evil. Alongside her are her trusty companions, Jenny, Peter, and possible forbidden lover David. Follow the story of one Guardian Angel as she finds her way through this strange world of the Soul Guardians.

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Book trailer for MARKED, from the best-selling series SOUL GUARDIANS by author Kim Richardson01:22

Book trailer for MARKED, from the best-selling series SOUL GUARDIANS by author Kim Richardson

Book Trailer for Marked

What You Can Do Edit

As a new wikia, this wiki needs a lot of work. Here's some things you can do to help out:

  • Create new pages - the book pages all need to be created, the author, the characters, the different settings, the creatures, etc. Find out what has been created already then add other pages
  • Templates - if anyone can help me figure out how to add templates that'd be great! Just contact me here if you know anything about coding in general actually
  • Help out around the wikia in general.

P.S. Does anyone know how to promote other users as admins?

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Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson, Author of Soul Guardians

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